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hakkimizdaSırdaş Mattress is a Teliş Co. Ltd. establishment in Cyprus ...

Our company was established in Nicosia New Organized Industrial Zone as a family business by Hasan and Sezen Kasapoğlu in 1984. Door hinges and Garden Wire Our company started in 1995 with production in Turkey PERSAN as general dealers Curtain Cyprus, Nicosia Osman Pasha entered service under the street in the upholstery and drapery store name. We started to develop the company in later years, 1998 the B sector to enter 2000 at Confidant Mattress spring mattress under the brand name, Fixed and Wooden Base, headboards, Sofas, Sofa and teams producing need in wholesale, as well as expanding its product range in retail Cyprus has gained the position of leading manufacturers.

Our company's Sertex Upholstery Leather Turkey in 2010, the company has been the fabric Sued and Cyprus in general dealer. Sertex modern, high quality and easy to use in the mattress industry by increasing the quality of the product options available seat seat industry with products that are also moved.

45 people, 8 primary dealers, we are available in 8 different regions and exclusive furniture store!

The main activities:

Sırdaş Mattress representatives in more healthy, is a leading local organizations more as a company try to get the consumers at convenient prices of the more comfortable sleep environment seeking the trend following and on-site as ital abroad quality products in Cyprus applying these trends by product.

Confidant Mattress's existing production groups:

  • Orthopaedic sprung mattress

  • Viscoelastic Bed

  • Viscoelastic Pillows

  • Boxes and Fixed Bases

  • Bed Heads

  • Bedding

  • Hospitals, dormitories and Hotel products and beds

  • Sofa and Teams

  • Seating and Corner Set

  • Chair and Armchair

  • Special products for special projects

  • Upholstery


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